Who's a Good Kitty? Kermie!

My name is Kermie. I’m almost 8 and am a big, healthy boy. 


I’ve moved around a bit lately, so I’m a little scared right now. Don’t take it personally, but I’ll probably be shy at first as I get used to my new home. Once I know you want to love me and keep me safe, I promise to cuddle, play, and let you rub my belly anytime you want. 


I have claws, but I won’t scratch furniture, especially if you give me toys and a scratcher of my own and tell me just once, "uh uh, we don't do that here." I’m part Siamese and once I get to know you, I’ll have a lot of things to say. Hope you like to talk. And I'm very tidy. I always use my cat pan, and love to be brushed and groomed as often as you like.


I lived with another cat when I was a year old, and I was happy. But I’ve been an only cat for a long time now, so I’m not immediately fond of my species. I’m willing to give it try though if you give me some distance at first and properly introduce me. A long time ago, I met a dog and he scared me, so I hissed. I might be able to have a canine brother or sister, if we can take it slow and you let me get comfortable.


Would you like to be my new best friend? I'm ready to settle down and enjoy life. And I promise to love you furever. Email my friend and she'll take it from there.